Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Last post.

That last post i have now deleted was posted by my immature brother! I have no problem with lesbians, i am just not a lesbian my self. Sorry for any confusion. 


A peek into my daily makeup

Hello peoples! 
So I'm finally getting to grips with blogging, whoever knew it would be this time consuming and brain buzzing. With thanks to the blogging community i've managed to do a few things i had no idea about. Working a full time job and trying to blog is particulaly hard, working round everything else going on. Big resepct to all bloggers out!! 

Anyways...since i have a bit of spare time I thought I'd share my daily makeup rountine with you. 

I get up in the morning as close as possible to when i need to leave from work. I love sleep and I'm always tired so I need products that are not going to take long and i can just slap on so i can spend more time with my beloved bed!
I dont wear foundation on a daily basis, only really when I feel like I'm looking a bit worse for wear and I need to make a bit more of an effort. Being a beauty therapist i should try and make a bit more effort to look more glamourous, but I'd rather just sleep to be honest! 

Maybelline mega plush volum' express mascara
I love this maybelline mascara its super quick to apply and gives great volume after a few coats. I did a full reveiw Here
Rimmel stay blushed liquid cheek tint
Now this liquid cheek tint, im still trying to make my mind up about it. I got it in this months glossybox, and when I saw it i was thinking 'oo I've been wanting to try a liquid/cream blush' now I don't know if there's a nack to applying this. I put a very small bit on my fingers and kind of blend on to the apple of my cheeks. It either goes well or I look abit like I've been punched in both cheeks! Never a good look really! I like the colour and it isn't as runny as I thought it would be so I'm going to give it a longer trial, to see if I can get on with it a bit more.

Artdeco colour couture lipstick in 645
One of my favourites this one, along with all my dark reds/purple colours at the moment! So easy to glide on and stays on for ages so its easy to glam up my make up when i feeling lazy. It doesnt dry my lips out either which is always a plus.

Benefit boi-ing industrial strength concealer
The holy grail in my make up case closely followed by my aldi lacure concealer pen. This would be one product I couldn't leave the house without! It hides anything from spots to dark circles. As it says its industrial strength but without being cakey and drying. I find I have to be careful with concealers under the eyes as no one wants premature wrinkles from products that dry the delicate skin out. I do go through this quite fast so I wish they had an industrial size! 

MAC liquid last eyeliner in point black
Another kind of holy grail in my make up case. I came across this by accident about 4 years ago and have never stopped buying it. I was going on my first girls holiday and I hate not wearing mascara so I needed something to waterproof. But all the mascaras seemed to be more splash proof than actually waterproof. So i heard about a MAC mascara, but when i asked the assistant she said it would still be no good for me, as im like a child when there's a pool near! She suggested using the liquid last  eyeliner to line my eyes so i brought it. After lining my eyes i looked...well quite frankly very strange! So I cleaned my favourite mascara brush and dunked it in and used it as a mascara which worked perfectly! Since then I now use it on the wet part of my eye (just above the lower lash line, if that makes sense) which I know makes your eyes look smaller but I prefer it there as I think I look abit alien eyed without it there. Its the only eyeliner that literally stays put all day, although it is a bit of a bugger to get off if I line the tops of my lash line! 

Jelly pong pong 2-in-1 eyeliner and shadow
Does what it says on the tin this one. I tend to use this to just smudge very slightly under the lower lash line. Not too much though you dont want to look like a panda! 
On a day to day basis I also just use this on the top lash line on the outer corners and smudge slightly. Its quite a thick pencil so i like to keep this sharpened to have a more precise line. I dont really tend to wear eyeshadow so i havent really tried this as an eyeshadow yet. I'm guessing it will look quite dramatic though. 

Do you have a daily make up routine post? Drop the link in the comments so i can check them out! 

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