Tuesday, 21 May 2013

When there's no time to do your hair

If your like me and your just plain lazy with your hair, then I have found thee perfect thing! I was just searching the web as per, looking for extentions as I had to cut all my hair off due to dip dyeing, and colouring the bleached part many different wacky colours! I say cut it all off, that may be a slight exaggeration! But it felt like that. Anyhow, I came across http://sallysglitzglam.co.uk/. I started looking at the 3/4 wigs/hair pieces with confusion, thinking what the hell are these? Trying to work out how you put them on, and make them look like you haven't got a wig on!
I thought oh well I'll just get one they're only £24.99 for the synthetic one, so I went and got myself one to try out before spending more on a real hair one. 
When it came and finally worked out how to work it, I was so surprised by how real it actually looked, Even my boyfriend didn't notice I had it on! I've had so many compliments about my 'hair' and it takes me five minutes to do.
As you can see the hair piece has clips on the bottom, and a comb on the top so it slots easily in to your hair. You part your hair into sections, and clip the back part back so you have the front pieces hanging down, these parts do not go in the hair piece net. Once you've put it over your back section all left to do is back comb your own hair slightly to blend over the wig and there we go you've got lovely long hair! Sorry about the shocking quality of the pictures it was getting dark and I only had my phone! 

Friday, 17 May 2013


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Beauty on a budget doesn't have to be rubbish!

This is my favourite ever part of my make up bag! Now,  I suffer with constant dark circles under my eyes, regardless of how much sleep I get, that would be thanks to my Indian heritage! 
I have tried everything under the sun to cover them as I am very conscious of them. I used to go through Yves St Laurent touché éclat like nobodies business! Not being the cheapest product on the market, my obsession was getting a little bit to expensive and I never felt it really was all that great, thought I'd look for a cheaper alternative. I'm saving for a house, holidays, car insurance and the list goes on so I'm always looking for a cheaper alternative for everything. 
I've tried many concealers, highlighting products etc and have always come back to one product. Aldi's Lacura concealer pen! At a teeny tiny price of £3.59 I find myself buying it in bulk as I'm so worried they'll discontinue it, I don't know why they would because its just so ace!
It works in the same way as touché éclat using light reflecting micro pigments to banish those shadows, fine lines and wrinkles, but it gives better coverage than the touché éclat so I can use it to cover any other blemishes that may be lurking around my face. I've even used it to conceal bruises on my legs. It also has what they call 'natural moisturising factors' which help keep the delicate skin around your eyes soft and supple and doesn't dry the skin out, which I used to hate about other brands!  Your supposed to dot it around the eye area, but I must admit i just kind of draw it on in strokes and dab to blend. I never have a problem with those tell tell white panda eyes, definitely the best concealer I've ever used, and I may cry a little if they ever discontinue it! I will still be testing many concealers out in the future though as technology these days is always making bigger and better things! 
Shade: amber(yes I sat on the box!)

Skin care: Art Deco products

Today I'd like to show you a little bit about my skin care routine. Before working in the salon I'd never really heard of Art Deco products. They are a professional product sold mostly in salons and spas, but can now be found in high end retail shops.
They have so many different skin care ranges, but the skin yoga range has to be my favourite, it's one of the cheaper ranges but still delivers great results! 
Art Deco also do a skin yoga:bio lab skin care range. It's offers at least 70% natural ingredients, without parabens(chemicals), preservatives or added fragrances, so basically they are super good for your skin and are great for sensitive skin too.
To find out more about Art Deco go to http://artdeco.org.uk/
This cleanser is one of the best I've used as its a cleanser and a toner in one, which is great when your lazy like me! 
I dont know if anyone else has found this, but I find sometimes with cleanser that they can be quite drying and makes my skin feel all tight. This one though leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and still feeling supple. I love the fact that it contains goji berry extract too, as most people know goji berries have been on the beauty scene for a while. Known for their anti ageing properties and full of vitamin c,a,b1,b2 iron copper magnesium sodium calcium and various amino acids, this makes the goji berry the nutrient richest fruit on the planet! 
So to sum up the whole goji berry in the cleanser thing, its really good for nourishing the skin and protects against free radicals as well.
There isn't really any fragrance to it to be honest, it just smells...clean, with a slight floral scent to it, which is the only way to describe it really. It's an easy cleansing milk which you just apply to dry skin with fingers or cotton pads, and remove using warm water and voila you have clean fresh, soft skin! 

I love a good toner especially this handy spray as I can use it to spritz over make up when my skin needs a pick me up and refreshing. Definitely a holiday must.  It's best to use it after cleansing to minimise pores, which I really struggle with, open pores are the Bain of my life, and with this toner I feel like they do look less, hello there giant pores, and more soft even skin!
It isn't part of the bio lab range, but equally packed with natural ingredients like green tea pomegranate and lotus extract to protect and regenerate the skin.
I love the smell of this, it's fresh and zesty and even the smell picks me up.

Lastly the all day protection cream moisturiser. Part of the bio lab range again, its great for dry sensitive skin looking for some intense moisture but without the greasy feel some can leave. This is the kind of product that does what it says on the tin, packed with ingredients like canola oil, it protects against harmful things that can be floating around in the enviroment. It's made up of things that mimic the structure of your skin and forms a protective layer that acts as a barrier to help fight of those things that make our skin age, look tired and grey and helps it look fresh and perky and also has the added benefit of helping improve the skins elasticity, which even at 21 you should still look for things that help out that area, prevention is better than cure!
It's smells lovely aswell, just a hint of almonds to finish it off!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Dolly lashes, new way to perm

Well here goes my first post!
So has anyone heard about perming hair? Well did you know you can perm eyelashes aswell? I know strange right?!
Dolly lashes the new way to perm your lashes!
Perming eyelashes is a great alternative to eyelash extentions, as your using your own eyelashes to enhance your eyes, which is perfect for those who don't want the fuss of lash extensions.
Ways are changing for eyelash perming, making the lashes look longer than ever! All thanks to one small change, the rod.
Using a mild glue (ok for your eyes obviously) to stick your lashes to a rod, then covering the lashes in a special lash perm solution, leaving it to develop, then covering in a setting solution, would still give you lovely curled lashes, the new dolly lash pads are revolutionary!(From a professional point of view)
Dolly lashes which is similar to nouveau LvL uses the pads to lift right from the root of you lashes giving them that extra bit of lash to really make those eyes pop.

As you can see from the pictures of my client they really do make a difference. 
Now these should last from 6-8 weeks and are great before semi permanent mascara(which I will do a post on soon) there is no fussy aftercare just to nourish the lashes, which we should all do anyway! 
They cost around £40+ depending on area and salon, in our salon they are £40 and I think that is very reasonable for up to 8 weeks of awesomeness!