Monday, 22 July 2013

Lipstick at last!

So the reason my blogs called 'lipstick cult' is because of my obsession with lipsticks and so far I haven't even done a post about any! Lipstick are great when your feeling glum or just can't be bothered doing your make up, you can just slick a bit of lipstick on and voila, you look and feel better! It can dress up a casual outfit and add a bit of pop to any outfit. So I thought it was about time to show you about some of my favourite lip products.

My favourites by far are my Art Deco lipsticks. I love the creamy texture of them and always feel like they are packing moisture into my lips. They glide on so easily and you don't need to put a lot on to get good coverage, which means they last me even longer! I hate lipsticks that make your lips look dry and flakey, no one likes flakey lips! They are all testers that I have as I get them through the salon I work at, so unfortunately I can't show you the retail casing.

The most used are my dita von teese and 645. I'm always carrying them round with me. They're handy when I'm feeling like I look a bit bedraggled At work and Can just quickly slick some on to spruce my self up! I don't have to top them up really either so they are constantly in my bag! 

Closely in second are my topshop lipsticks, they have a great range of colour, which I need to stock up on! I do find I go through these a lot quicker than my other lipsticks as the lipstick it self is smaller. They are only high street products so I'm sure i can get over that, they are reasonably priced and rival the likes of mac as they are highly pigmented so there's no wishy washy colour. Everyone hates a great colour lipstick to find out you have to layer it on to get a good coverage! The good thing with these is if your wanting more of an intense colour you can build it up without it looking caked. Beguiled is up there with my favourites, I love the gothic glamour look and this delivers a lovely dark rich red. It doesn't dry my lips out, but I do find if I have slightly dry lips it does accentuate the dryness abit, but I just exfoliate and balm up and they look fine. 

I read about the apocalips lips products on another blog when they first came out and I had to try them. I don't think I'm far off the whole collection as I went a bit mental when I found out most places had sold out of them. To be honest I don't use these as much as I did when I first got them as I prefer my lipsticks. They are great though a fuse between a lipstick and a gloss was a great idea, I'm just not that much of a fan of gloss. The colour delivers perfectly, a high impact colour that doesn't need layers apon layers and a shiny finish is great if your looking for that little bit more out of your lipstick. I found they lasted ok, I did need to touch up a lot more than I would my lipsticks, but they're so easy and quick to apply as you don't need a lot, I don't mind. I pretty much used all the colours apart from 'galaxy' and 'nude eclipse'. Galaxy is just a bit to dark and vampy for me and nude eclipse made me look like a dead corpse according to my best friend! So that was never going to happen! 

Have you tried any of these products?
What's your favourite lip product? 


Changed my hair again!

Hello all! Haven't posted in a while and as I don't have any new things worth writing about I thought I would show you my new hair! Yes it really is that bright! 
It took so many attempts to get it like this, I will never die my hair black again! Way to hard to budge it! 

Sorry about the bad quality photos I wasn't planning on doing a post! 
I first tried this b4 colour, I've used it loads of times before but never when I've had black hair, it basically shrinks the hair colour molecules and they just wash out when you rinse it out after processing. So say you dyed it brown and you were blonde and you wanted it back blonde again then this supposedly does that for you. I can't say it worked like that for me other times I've used it as I have dyed it that many times it just goes a bit ginger but this time that was my plan!
It didnt really do much to the colour and just looked a dark brown with a hint of copper but I whacked the orange colour dye on anyway. Well what a waste of £16 because it didnt do anything!
So the next day I asked the hairdresser I work with if she had any ideas, so we bleached bathed it, which is just washing your hair with shampoo and bleach powder. Again didnt do anything. We then used a professional hair stripping kit which surprise surprise didnt do anything again! I was getting to the end of my tether by this point and just said slap some bleach on, which I would never normally do! But alas! It worked, it got light enough to put the professional colour on, after a day and a half of trying to get it this colour it finally worked! 
Lesson of the day don't permanently dye your hair black, it may seem like a good idea at the time, you will regret it later down the line. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

mega plush mascara

Hey all! So I know this has been out a while but I finally got persuaded to buy it after being intrigued by the adverts.
I've never really used maybeline mascaras much, I've tried various ones and always found my current mascara cheaper and better, but I thought I'll give it a whirl! 
This mascara uses a new gel formula which is ment to keep your eyelashes soft and flexible while building non clumped volumous lashes. 

It also has a flexor brush which is ment for easy application, but to be honest I found it kind awkward at first. I felt I couldn't get enough pull from the roots, but after the first coat I got used to it. It's great if you layer up your mascara like me, as it doesn't clump or leave flakey bits. My lashes do fell more flexible and soft so its doing its job! Overall I think it's a good high street product for under £8 and I will definitely keep using it, and it may have just inspired me to try more maybeline products.

Please excuse the smudge of mascara under my eye I didn't realise! 

What's your favourite mascara and have you tried this mascara? 


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Late night shopping

Hello all! So I don't sleep very well sometimes and that means one thing in my eyes...late night Internet shopping! I had a bit of a splurge the other night, which luckily didn't cost me too much as I had some left over money from my holiday, so its not that bad right?
I'm always looking for some cheap bargains, so I'm always scanning various websites, as some do the same items for cheaper. This is what I ended up with.(some of the pictures are off the websites as I couldn't get a good picture of some of the items)
I loved this nude body when I saw it, I have one from American apparel in black, but this was at a fraction of the price. When I got unfortunately, I can see's so see through and I'm struggling to find a stick on bra that you can't see through it. And I will definitely not be going bra less! No one wants to see that. My search will go on though. Any ideas on what to team with to get a less see through effect?

I then stumbled across this, i thought it would look great with my new Jeffrey Campbell's, which were in the Harvey Nichols sale at the bargain price of £45! I have so many little black dresses, another one wont hurt right? I like the mesh cut out neck as it adds a little something to a plain dress, unfortunately agaiinn as I'm quite tall and a slight ghetto booty it's a bit of a bum skimmer! So either i lose the ghetto booty or find a way to wear it without the butt cheeks hanging out all over the place! I'm thinking of wearing it with a midi skirt to class it up a bit. seller- iboutique93
Again not my pictures but I will be updating when the necklaces arrive, the problem with buying from china cheap as chips, but takes a year to receive them!
I've brought a few things from this seller in the past as they sell tons of jewellery from topshop, forever21 etc, so they say. As long as it looks nice and it cheap I'm not too bothered where its from. I only really own gold jewellery so some more had to be Added to the collection when I saw these. I'm quite into big necklaces round the neck now so a plain gold one seemed perfect, and the orange one...I just like orange at the minute!
Please excuse the cheesy photo! My brother does photography so we had a mess around. Anyhow,
I've seen this top on loads of other blogs and I love how easy it goes with everything, from casual to going out, I did want an oversized one but its quite fitted on me so I'm going to get a bigger one as I think it looks better oversized and slouchy.
I am actually in love with these boots again from eBay for £20. I just love eBay, it isn't just people's old stuff! The cut out detail makes them ideal for year round shoe wear and something a bit different, well ive seen similar ones since buying them, in topshop etc, but mine were £20 so blah! These will take me through summer into autumn aswell. teamed with a skirt, if we ever get a summer, if not tights aswell! They're so versatile I can pretty much wear them with skinny jeans leggings, skirts, shorts. They're also super comfy. Did I mention I love them?

I also had a bit of a haul in Liverpool at the weekend so that post will be up soon.

Anyone found any new online stores lately?

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