Tuesday, 9 July 2013

mega plush mascara

Hey all! So I know this has been out a while but I finally got persuaded to buy it after being intrigued by the adverts.
I've never really used maybeline mascaras much, I've tried various ones and always found my current mascara cheaper and better, but I thought I'll give it a whirl! 
This mascara uses a new gel formula which is ment to keep your eyelashes soft and flexible while building non clumped volumous lashes. 

It also has a flexor brush which is ment for easy application, but to be honest I found it kind awkward at first. I felt I couldn't get enough pull from the roots, but after the first coat I got used to it. It's great if you layer up your mascara like me, as it doesn't clump or leave flakey bits. My lashes do fell more flexible and soft so its doing its job! Overall I think it's a good high street product for under £8 and I will definitely keep using it, and it may have just inspired me to try more maybeline products.

Please excuse the smudge of mascara under my eye I didn't realise! 

What's your favourite mascara and have you tried this mascara? 


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