Little snippet into my life

Hello peoples!

I'm natalie a 22 year old living in Leeds. Previously lived in a teeny tiny village in Somerset, very different to Leeds! Still live in a smallish village though!
I'm a beauty therapist which I've been doing for about 4ish years now. I love it and I am very privileged to enjoy my job. It's a great opportunity to try new treatments products and get discounted makeup etc which is always a bonus really isn't it?!
I specialise in eyelash extentions and nails but do all the usual beauty treatments.

After reading many blogs and spending all night reading various ones (which hasn't changed) i decided to give it's Will be easy she'll take two seconds to write a post she says.... Well I was very wrong! As much as I love writing posts blabbering on about everything its very time consuming and a tad stressful at times, and I've only just started out!

Thanks for visiting and hope to hear from a few of you :-)

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