Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Lasting lip tint?

Although I love my lippies, I've never really got on with lip tints or stains. I've tried the rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint and found the colour was just too weak with a pale pink colour I choose and the darker pink came off way to easy on the inner part of my lips making me look like an old 
Fashioned hooker! Not a great look, trust me! 
I've tried a few other too, but again they seem to come off me too easily and I find I prefer lipstick better for there staying power and high pigmented colours. 
That was until I saw this in the local supermarket. 
I was just browsing as always while the boyfriend was whining at me to hurry up, "you don't need any new make-up" he says. Oh how wrong he is. We always need new make-up, products etc etc right!?
The maxfactor lipfinity lasting lip tint caught my eye, there was a good selection of colours to test so decided to go through them all, letting them dry and rubbing over to see if it really would stay put. I was pretty happy with the result of staying power of the back of hand test. Unfortunately every colour I wanted they didn't have in stock(unimpressed face) obviously I couldn't go away empty handed after all that hard work of testing them out so I picked up yet another dark red! This obsession with dark reds is getting out of hand now! 
The colour I choose is number 6. It looks a lot darker on the actual lips and becomes a lot more matte aswell. It takes about a minute to dry and become less sticky and when it dries you'll be able to see bits you may have missed. I think it may of gone a bit darker as I did do a few coats. If you wanted a less obvious look just one light coat will still make your likes look plump and give that nice healthy pink colour.
 When I first applied it, I didn't have any foundation on and found it did bleed quite easily but quickly wiping with a cotton bud it solved that and didn't bleed again, even when I layered it up after. It does take quite a bit to make this budge. I'm always drinking green tea to get me through the working day and by lunch it was still going strong. After lunch I did notice it fading on the inner part of my lips, but not doing the gross lip liner look thing that it does sometimes. 
After touching up I did find it started to make my lips a bit dry. I slicked a bit of Vaseline on and it seem to sort it straight out, and didn't make the product slide of my lips either. 
Hopefully next time I visit the good old supermarket they will have more colours I can get! 

Have you tried any good lip stains or lip tints lately

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