Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Palmer's cocoa butter formula face care

More supermarket goodies! 
Palmer's cocoa body butter is one of the most popular moisturisers,  known for its helping hand in diminishing stretch marks, which unfortunately has never helped me but still love the stuff! It's smell is distinctive and you know when someone's used it,  and most people share my view on the smell too. Aaammaazzzinngg. I just want to eat it, which I wouldn't recommend, because it probably doesn't taste as great as it smells.

When I spotted these on offer in Asda and saw the 'new' logo on them, it was kind of obvious I was going to get them really. I have a skin care routine already but I love trying new stuff out, so got all Asda had to offer when it came to this range.

Everybody loves a good face wash, that clean fresh feeling you get after youve given your face a good wash, and this doesn't dissapoint. It smells like the palmers cocoa body butter but only slightly. Which is good because it would be too over powering as a face wash. It lathers up nicely so you dont need alot which makes the wash cost effective. Theres nothing worse than a face wash you need loads of pumps and it doesnt get you any where and before you know it you've ran out. It left my skin feeling firm and smooth and super fresh, and it didnt sting too much when i got it in my eyes too which is a bonus! 

I ran out of exfoliant a while back and never got round to getting anymore, which I can definitely tell my skin is in need if a good scrub! I've had quite a few break outs lately which I've never really suffered with. Smothering sudacream on every night just didnt seem to work. I knew the problem was deeper! I should of known really being a beauty therapist, but hey ho we can all get lazy at times! 
When I read the spiel on the back about all the beneficial ingredients I was thinking, yeah yeah whatever. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually quite effective.

Now this stuff smelt alot more strongly of the notourious body butter but again not to over powering. I love too use a mask now and again as it makes me feel im giving my skin a little treat. It smoothed on easily and didnt feel too tight when it dries. I dont personally like the masks that go really dry as i feel like it dries my skin out too. It was easy to wash off aswell, not sticking to parts of my face so i had to scrub it off. My face definitely felt soft, smooth and well moisturised without feeling greasy.

As you can see by all the benifical ingredients listed on the back of the products theres alot of good stuff in these, and i beleive they do there job very well. I will definitely carry on using these. Even if i didnt think they worked id still use it because i love the smell! 

Any fans of palmers cocoa butter body butter? 

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